Foundation For Education And Economic Development

Vision Mission & Objective


The organization envisions promotion of the common good and welfare of society in order to preserve public order.


To identify and address issues preventing social equality and development and striving to remove its dysfunctional aspects through education and empowerment. To help children transform into responsible adults with the ability to support themselves, and to nurture moral values in them through education. To understand, through research and analysis, how social systems are organized and take necessary steps in restructuring society by empowering individuals through education.


• Providing best learning and educational opportunities particularly for the girl child and empowering the adolescent with focus on Minorities and other disadvantaged sections of the society through advocacy and other practical innovative ways
• Educating and creating awareness among the marginalized populace (especially women and Minorities)and providing assistance for self-employment (especially through sustainable income generation)
• Identification, development and transfer of sustainable technology based on available local resources
• Organizing medical and paramedical health camps in urban slums as well as rural areas
• Creating awareness about the social ills of society like illiteracy, child labor, female feticide/ infanticide, HIV/AIDS etc. through documentaries, films, street plays and seminar/workshops